Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Work Calls and So Linkosity

I am here eating a late lunch at work. I had a post ready for this morning, but when I looked at it again, I realized it still needs work. Quality before quantity I always say (even though I spew verbiage like a fire hydrant).

I am trying to get into this working-for-a-living-thing today. The office was closed yesterday because of the snow storm. I live in New Hampshire but work in a suburb of Boston. This area had a lot of snow dump on it this weekend and Boston is so screwed up they have nowhere to put the snow. They could not get the local and secondary roads open. My employer closed down, but I still get paid though. I've got my priorities in order.

Of course, nothing good lasts forever and I drove to work today. It took me two hours to get here when my normal commute is about 45 minutes. I also had a large travel mug full of coffee. It was empty when I got here, but something else was full. I had to rush in, sign the timelog while doing the famous dance, and then off to the ladies’ room. One more delay and I would have been seriously embarrassed.

I am behind in work and have a long to-do list today. I won't be able to clean up the other post. I am just giving you some links; a walk around the Internet if you will. Early tomorrow afternoon Bill and I will have something better we promise.

Alphecca has a story on the rise in crime, especially gun-crime, in gun-free Merry Olde England.

TFS Magnum has a post on the same subject but from a different source.

Ravenwood has a link to an editorial from Merry Olde England that talks about the gun-crime there and how yesterday’s gun owner had little to fear.

Kim du Toit has an excerpt from another blog that states England may have so eroded their "gun culture" they may never be able to rearm again.

Headsbunker has an analysis of firearm cartridges showing their relative sizes. As he points out non-gun owners may be very surprised at how small some military cartridges are.

View From North Central Idaho lists evidence we are winning the war to support our gun rights at least in our country. May we never become another England.

And, finally, although I have no link for it, Michael Moore got dissed. The Academy Awards were announced this morning and poor widdle Mikey’s (errr poor humungous Mikey’s) “Fahrenheit 911” did not make the cut for anything.

Well, that’s all the time for "research" I have and lunch is over. If you have already read these posts I apologize, otherwise enjoy the linking goodness.

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