Saturday, January 15, 2005

I'm Back

I have been neglecting my blogal duties this past week. I had plans to keep up with the blog, but the headquarters office could not get a computer configured for me or anyone else from the field--new security protocols. I did not made a "she's leaving" post since I was promised access to a computer. Best laid plans. Bill "Yosemite Sam" has been capably taking up the slack.

My return trip was not fun. Manchester Airport was socked in by fog. Two planes actually got to Manchester, but had to return to Baltimore Washington International. I think if I would have got that close and then been turned back, my head would have exploded. At least my plane never got into the air. Luckily, I was able to check into the Sheraton at the airport and even used one of their computers to make a quick blog post.

Tomorrow, I am planning another addition to our series on being a gun nut in today's world. Today, I will be catching up on e-mail, reading blogs, unwinding from the business trip from hell, and visiting a gun store--the best way to recharge.

I will mention a blogosphere roundup post on Head's Bunker that mentioned The Ten Ring. A big thank you goes out to Head. If you have not visited his blog, go do it now and be sure to read his post on Mosin-Nagant rifles. I am a proud owner of a Mosin-Nagant Carbine and if you have not picked up one of the rifles listed in Head's post, you are missing out on a good deal.

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