Monday, January 31, 2005

What number comes after One

I was glancing at the news headlines just now and I happened upon this article.

First Amendment No Big Deal, Students Say

It seems that some journalists and educators have their panties in a bunch because a new survey shows that only 83% of students think that unpopular views should be allowed to be expressed and a decreasing number of students think that the First Amendment is such a big deal.

Now I wonder where students would have gotten that idea from???

Maybe from schools that expell students who wear an NRA t-shirt to school, disallow a student from having his picture taken with his shotgun for his school yearbook(This happened near us in New Hampshire and the student is an avid skeet shooter), or who read the riot act to students who dare to say Merry Christmas.

And this is rich, coming from journalists, who wouldn't know free speech if it bit them in the ass, who only tell one side of the story as far as gun rights are concerned and are deathly terrified of competition from bloggers who provide a balance to their one sided blather.

And it also chaffs me that these hand-wringers sputter and whine about students who don't know the Constitution from a roll of toilet paper, but are wilfully ignorant of the other Amendments or even whole sections of the Constitution. As far as they're concerned the Constitution is the First Amendment and that's it.

But they have the solution at hand. All that needs to be done to get these students on the right path is to fund student journalism. Yeah, that will do the trick.


Benjamin said...


You don't post much. Denise seems to do the day-to-day, trying to portray a rational face on the pro-2A crowd.

I must say, your tone is different, and about as pissed off as mine.

Post more, brother,


Yosemite Sam said...

Denise is the patient one. I'm alot more fed up with what is going on in this country and in the world. I remember what we had when I was growing up and I see what we have now and then it ANGERS me when I realize what we have lost.