Thursday, January 13, 2005

Blue State Blues

One of the things that I have enjoyed since moving to New Hampshire, and that made my 100 mile round trip commute easier to bear, was giving my Republican co-workers a hard time about the sad state of affairs in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. I loved to crow about my new home state being the only Red State in New England whose citizens had seen fit not only to vote for George Bush in 2000, but elected a Republican governor, State Legislature and two Senators as well. True, Massachusetts elected a Republican for governor, but the Democrats owned everything else, and it is hard to be a Republican and an optimist if you live in Massachusetts.

But, all of that has changed. For reasons that many have tried to explain, New Hampshire has moved into the Blue column. True, the election was very close, but there can be no doubt that the momentum was toward the Democrat side. We now have a Democrat governor, who says he won’t raise taxes (yeah sure) and to make it worse, our very pro-gun representative on the Governor’s Executive Council was replaced with a Left Wing Democrat. The whole thing makes me sick.

So, I no longer get to lord it over my Republican colleagues. New Hampshire is Blue now, just like Massachusetts, albeit a very pale sort of baby blue. I have to console myself with the knowledge that at least I don’t have Ted Kennedy as my Senator, who recently confused Barak Obama with Osama Bin Laden. Can you imagine the squealing from the media if President Bush made this kind of mistake? But old Teddy gets a pass.

So Bruce and other pro-gun people, move on up here. We need your vote.

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