Monday, January 31, 2005

Gunnies to the Left of Us

I was reading Instapundit this morning and he had this link to a Democratic Underground forum. A commenter had started a thread about how bad the election was for Iraq and the rest of the world. I usually don’t visit that swamp. Its members are too far to the left for me to stomach. If you ever need a look at moonbattery at its finest, then take a look. Although, they do get some commenters who are saner as is the case with Instapundit’s link.

While there I sought out any gun stuff and found a link to their firearm forums. It seems like we have some gun nuts to the left of us. Some of them understand the Second Amendment (one said that the Second guarantees the first—how ‘bout that). Some stated that gun ownership is good but we needed licensing and registration. Silly idea, but I say that having seen how bad these schemes are in Massachusetts--maybe they just need to see the light. Occasionally a moonbat would screech in with a “guns are bad” screed and be "shot" down.

I celebrate all gun owners including those to the left or right of me. I support their rights even if I don’t agree with the rest of their ideas. All gunnies need to support our freedoms and maybe then we will keep those rights. Take a look at the forum and maybe read a few. It is good to find gunnies in any place even deep in left field.

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