Friday, September 30, 2005

Finally Got to the Range

I’ve been away for part of the week on work related travel again. I’m getting tired of my new project, but it’s success is important to my organization and I feel (felt) honored when my bosses named me to it. Still, it’s been a lot of work and a lot of travel. I’ve said before that I’m not overly found of business travel. Oh well, enough with the griping.

Last weekend Bill and I had a truly gunnie time of it. We went to State Line Gun Shop so often named in these pages. We bought ammo and I paid off a Luger I put on layaway. I will feature it in an upcoming “One From the Vault.” It’s always good when a new gun joins our household. We don’t have a ceremony or anything, but we feel good to have done our part in giving a good home to good guns.

Sunday was range day. We shot Mr. Completely’s “Jack and Jill” challenge (results will follow). We fired the new (old) Luger and it lived up to its reputation for accuracy and reliability. My only beef with shooting a Luger is the tiny front sight. My fifty-year-old eyes need something a little bigger to look at when I’m shooting.

Bill finally got to fire the AK-clone I bought him for his birthday. It behaved well, but not wonderfully in the accuracy department. Bill checked its sights at 25 yards and then moved out to 100 yards. He kept his shots on the paper, but I’m not sure one could call it a group. He’s planning a lot of practice with it.

I shot Bill’s AK too and realized the gun didn’t like me. With every shot the stock kept slapping me smartly on the cheekbone. I got a firm cheek-weld on the stock, eased back the trigger, and recoil pushed the stock slid off my shoulder and into the underside of my cheekbone. I’ve never had such an experience with a rifle. I changed the way I shouldered it, but to see the sights I had to get the same cheek-weld and kept getting knocked about. It must have hated me because it didn’t do it to Bill.

I’ve never shot AK-clones before (I’m a blued steel and fine wood traditionalist when it comes to guns), so I don’t know if another AK would be so nasty to me. Probably so because the problem most likely stems from my body build, cheek structure, and other physiology. I’ll try shooting another AK, but I have a feeling it’s one gun I won’t be shooting much.

I also shot my Boomershoot rifle should we get there this year. It’s a Savage Model 11 in .308 Winchester with a Smith & Wesson scope. I went shooting primarily to sight in the scope, but I made a serious mistake in only bringing one box of ammo. I started sighting in at 25 yards and grouped three shots to the left and low. A few adjustments put my next three shots in the middle of the target but still to the left. I kept going and managed to get a quarter-sized group, but still a little left of center.

I moved to the 100-yard bench and fired my last six rounds grouping them high, but not to the left. I'll need to do some serious shooting and figuring here to get the accuracy I expect. I’m not a neophyte to scopes and I expected an easier time of it. Oh well, best-laid plans and all. Maybe I’ll need to break down and RTFM (geek-speak for “Read the Fricking Manual”) for the scope.

So that was our gunnie weekend. More reports to follow.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Rita and Evacuation Thoughts

Here at Ten Ring Central, Bill and I have been following Hurricane Rita news. Bill has relatives in Houston: a sister and her family and his parents. His father and mother are in north Houston in a secure place and his sister got to Dallas. Her family spent 22 hours on the road; it's usually a four to five hour trip. Barring something truly unexpected, Bill's family will come out fine. I hope all of our readers can say the same.

Seeing Houston's gridlock made we wonder if evacuating a big city is a pipe dream. My job includes a little contingency planning and business continuity from a certain viewpoint, so I have some training in thinking about such things.

I lived in Houston for awhile and it would seem to be an ideal city to evacuate except for its size. It's flat for the most part, roads are plentiful and in good repair, there are no bottlenecks like having one bridge into and out of the city, etc. The many ways out of town include interstates like I-45, I-10, and highways like 59 and 290. Side roads also can get you out of town easily if you know how to navigate them.

Despite these advantages, Houston still had a gridlock so serious that people could have been on the highways during Hurricane Rita (this may yet be true). Cars ran out of gas, gas stations ran out of fuel, there were accidents, breakdowns, and bad planning. I heard on the radio that National Guard fuel tankers were dispatched to fill stranded cars, but their nozzles wouldn't fit a car's fuel inlet.

The only conclusion I can come to is our cities have become too damn big.

Here in the Northeast, my colleauges and I wondered how Boston would evacuate. One co-worker suggested commuter rail, which would have certain advantages, but many problems. Is there enough rolling stock, are their adequate staging areas to assemble, hold, and move many trains through basically all at once? Further, how would people get to the train stations with at least some belongings, could the stations handle untold thousands of people all at once? No, we concluded there would be gridlock in Boston, just a little different.

I just don't see any good solutions when one of our mega-cities is threatened. In the case of Rita, Houston and Galveston had plenty of warning and many people even left early, but there was still dramatic and potentially dangerous gridlock. What would happen if there were a sudden, unexpected event such as a dirty bomb exploding?

A dirty bomb's damage would be slight and it's radiation cloud small, but people would still want to flee. One can't stay at home because radiation might kill you, an ad hoc shelter even if safe from radiation would turn into a Superdome nightmare, and sudden evacuation would lead to worse problems than we saw in Houston. Given the examples of Houston and New Orleans, if I were a city disaster planner, I'd quit my job and take up flipping hamburgers.

I'm so glad I live in New Hampshire and in a small town at that. I only wish I didn't have to work near Boston.

Odds and Ends

New Orleans is flooded again thanks to Hurricane Rita and if you haven't heard already , NRA managed to get a restraining order forbidding New Orleans police to confiscate anymore guns from law-abiding citizens. That's why I'm an NRA member. Love 'em or hate 'em, it's the 800-pound gorilla of gun organizations.

There's a "new" gun blogger around. We're not sure how frequently he will post and we have no idea about work or other situations that could affect his blog, but let us welcome "The Gun Guy" at A Nation of Riflemen. We also must sadly erase another blog, now nameless from the blogroll.

Bill and I have a weird weekend mix of house work and gunnie stuff planned. We'll tell you about the gunnie stuff soon. We also joined the winter bullseye league at our shooting club this week. We were in it last year and the league starts October 13. We'll keep you posted about our shooting when appropriate (that is, when we shoot really good not when we shoot really bad--oh hush, Bill).

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Pro-Gun Scene in a Spielberg Movie?

I had to make a sudden business trip last week ripping me from my home for three days. I have to make a two day trip next week. I’m not a happy business traveler. I miss Bill. I miss my creature comforts, my cat, my guns. I fall behind blogging, gun cleaning, household chores, everything. I can’t even keep up with reading my favorite blogs because I don’t travel with a laptop—airport security is too much of a hassle. Oh the humanity (on reread I’m glad that I have so little to complain about).

My work puts me up in decent hotels for which I’m grateful. But, I have little to do or see beyond sightseeing and I’ve done enough of that. So, out of boredom I sometimes rent one of the really expensive movies hotels have now (although at $13.00 for a frickin’ movie I try to resist). In fact, I even posted about spending my money on hotel movies when I reviewed “Shaun of the Dead."

Last Thursday, I rented “War of the Worlds.” I like science fiction movies and I’ve read H.G. Wells’ novel several times. I know there's a political background to both book and movie. Wells was a socialist and his “War of the Worlds” was a stab at Great Britain’s military might and Imperialism. Similarly, Tim Robbins’ character mouths platitudes about occupations always fail—a thinly-veiled stab at Bush’s Iraq policy.

But let’s put politics aside and concentrate on gunnie interests in the movie. Overall there's a lot of shooting, but soldiers do most of it fruitlessly because the alien invaders have force fields. There are two civilian gun scenes. The second scene involves a shotgun that really doesn't come into play. One might say it’s a symbol of the futility of having a gun because Ray and another man can’t use it (the sound would give them away, alien machines are protected, etc.)

That’s all I’ll say about the shotgun scene because I want to discuss the first scene in depth. If you haven't seen the movie and don’t want the scenes know what to do.

Tom Cruise’s character, Ray, flees his home but not before sticking a snubnose revolver in his waistband. Alien invaders have caused an EMP type event frying cars and most electrical systems within a certain radius. Ray manages to steal a working van (he told a mechanic to replace the solenoids) and he, his teenage son Robbie, and ten-year old daughter Rachel rush out of town.

They head to Boston where Ray’s divorced wife is located. Taking back roads they run into few humans and no aliens. Their luck runs out when they drive through a town whose main street is clogged with refugees.

You can see what’s building up. Ray has the only working vehicle in the area with only three people in it. The crowd gives way at first, but eventually turns into a mob because they want the van. Finally, Ray and his son hit a pole and the mob pulls him and his son out of the van leaving Ray's shrieking daughter in the back seat.

People swarm into the van while Ray and Robbie fight the mob, but they can’t get to Rachel until Ray remembers his revolver and fires shots into the air. The crowd pulls away and Ray tries to get Rachel, but the mob won't give up the van.

Finally another armed man points a larger gun, a semi-auto, at Ray who drops his revolver and says take the van, but give me my daughter. The armed man agrees and takes the van. Ray and his children stumble into a diner and wait until their adrenaline levels return to normal.

Meanwhile, another man picks up Ray’s revolver and gets an “empowered” look on his face. He goes to the van and shoots semi-auto man. The mob swarms once again and one is left to think these actions will be repeated again and again.

On the face of it, the scene is an anti-gun message. The gun causes the death of semi-auto guy and Ray can’t save his van. But, there's another message. Ray used his gun to stop desperate people from driving away with Rachel. If he hadn’t had the gun he likely would never have seen his daughter again.

Since I’m a gun nut, I’d be armed if aliens or zombies attack. More down to earth, I’d be armed in a natural disaster like Katrina in New Orleans. Still, I recognize that a gun can’t solve all problems. It wouldn’t stop water rising, a mob, kill a force-field protected alien, or stop an armored vehicle. But, it’s like any tool. You can’t hammer a nail with a screwdriver so you better have a hammer. Similarly, f you need to defend yourself, a gun is your best bet.

Speilberg has a complicated history with guns. He’s publicly called for more gun control and yet he’s believed to have a large gun collection that he's neither confirmed nor denied. He misstated his age on a “handgun registration” form (unknown if this is a Form 4473 or a California requirement).

Of course, he’s hypocritical about gun ownership, but it’s possible he may be using his movies to subtly undermine gun control. Here’s an interesting argument along those lines.

I could be wrong, but I think the mixed messages in this scene were done on purpose. Maybe Speilberg would like to do a true pro-gun movie?

My Last Whine About My Lack of Posts

Once again I need to fall back to a now tired refrain: sorry for the lack of posts, but work yadda, yadda, yadda. To be fair to myself, I’ve had a lot on my work plate recently including travel. Taking it one step furter, I did some thinking and realized that I’ve written about those things that led me blog in the first place: my outrage at Massachusetts’s guns laws, the lying anti-gunnies, and the pure joy and zen of shooting.

Blogging is a great outlet, an escape valve if you will, for letting out the outrage. It lets the common man and woman yawp into the maddening storm and release one’s anger. No, I’m not quitting blogging, but I’m explaining that at least part of my recent lack of posting has been lack of knowing what to post.

I like doing essays rather than covering news. Other bloggers such as the estimable Say Uncle and Alphecca give a mix of news coverage and analysis. They and are great sources for gunnie news.

I plan to continue doing essays even if I have to steal ideas from others. I plan to post at least several times a week and maybe even daily, but I’m going to stop feeling guilty when I miss a day or two. Maybe I should start a blog for bloggers who feel bad about not meeting their blogligations (word shamelessly stolen from Lileks).

Meanwhile, I’m working on a real post that for later today. I have a "One From the Vault" idea that I will do next week. I’m sure that some luckless anti-gunnie will say or do something that will outrage me into another post. I’m also trying to get Yosemite Sam to put up more posts.

In summary, I’m still here. I plan to continue writing. I can’t promise posts everyday of any quality although I’m going to strive for it. I’m going to stop whining and feeling all guilty when I miss a day. We now return your computer to your regularly scheduled blog.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Two Bloggers We Already Miss

I tell you, one leaves for a few days and just see what happens when you come back. I was called to our headquarters for an urgent meeting on Wednesday and I got back Friday. Bill “Yosemite Sam” was going to post that I was gone, but didn’t (I’ll take that up with him later).

As I’ve mentioned before, my supervisors named me to a project that’s taking most of my time. I haven’t been keeping up with gun news, gun blogs, or even (gasp) my shooting and collecting. What is a girl to do? Well, my job funds all of my other activities, so I know the answer to that age-old question.

Anyway, I got home on Friday and used television to salve my jet lagged and over-taxed mind. Saturday was errand day and last evening I started to catch up on blogs.

To my horror I couldn’t get on Kim du Toit’s site at all. I then read that Countertop Chronicles is also perhaps temporarily hanging up his keyboard (hope is not lost, he made another post right after his goodbye post). Kim and Countertop are two of my favorite bloggers and both have contributed greatly to any success Ten Ring has had.

Countertop found Ten Ring early on, linked Bill and me in his “Everyday Reads,” and made favorable posts about Ten Ring when it was just a wee pup. We began to gain readership and links.

Kim du Toit put us in his blogroll as “Other Angry Bastards with Guns” and our readership blossomed. The number of people who visit us never raised to Kim’s and Countertop’s level, but they helped ensure we were no longer shouting into a vacuum.

So Kim and Countertop, Bill and I appreciate everything that you’ve done for us as bloggers. But most of all we want to thank you as loyal readers. We’ve enjoyed your posts, admired your leadership, your wit, your intellect.

We hope you’ll be back, but please take all the time you need to set up a new career in a new place (as I understand Kim is doing), and to recharge, regroup, and to think. Enjoy your hiatus and if you don’t return to blogging, best of luck to you both in everything you try.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Catch Up and Clean Up

Every now and again you realize you need to write follow ups to posts and that you’ve let certain follow ups fall through the cracks. So without further ado, here is a little catch up and clean up. To help you out, I put subheadings below.

Gun Confiscation
I discussed the gun confiscations in New Orleans. Geek with a .45 indicates that confiscations appear to be over and in fact some law enforcement officers probably refused to go along with it. In at least one case cops confiscated and then returned guns (last paragraphs on bottom of pdf page).

New Orleans’ Police Chief, probably the mayor, and others cooked up the disarmament scheme possibly to make those who refused to evacuate helpless and more amenable to evacuation. Though actual confiscation appears to be over, those who ordered it and those who grabbed guns must be punished in order to serve as a warning to other politicians and law enforcement officers who would try a similar plot.

Guns proved Necessary in Wake of Katrina
Staying on topic, in New Orleans and other areas affected by Hurricane Katrina guns proved as necessary to life as food and water. I discussed how people saved their lives and protected their property with guns. Without the guns, who knows what may have happened to them. Here’s yet another story about neighbors who banded together to form a “militia,” an example of what our Second Amendment in action.

Fun Watching Tom Knapp’s Live Show
On to more fun topics. As I explained in this post Bill and I extended our Labor Day weekend by taking last Tuesday off. We went to Maine and watched exhibition shotgunner Tom Knapp make amazing shots with his guns. If you ever get a chance to see one of his shows, do so.

Scope for my New Rifle
I hoped to buy a scope for my new Savage Arms rifle (discussed here) at Kittery Trading Post. I had trouble getting a clerk to wait on me. They were busy, but I expected even a “get right back to you ‘mam.” Oh well, it cost the store a couple of hundred dollars.

Last weekend, Bill and I went to State Line Gun Shop and I found a scope. It’s a variable power scope adjustable from 4 to 18 power and distributed by Smith & Wesson. I want to use it for both hunting and target shooting, so I accepted certain compromises on either side of the power range and other features. It should serve me well although if I had more money…. We’ll see how scope and rifle do at Boomershoot this Spring if we can make it.

Bought Another Gun (Two in less than Three Weeks! Someone help me)
While at State Line I bought another gun. I couldn’t help myself, but I made one concession to common sense, I put it on layaway. Let me explain. This wasn’t just any gun and I couldn’t pass it up. I found a 1942 byf-marked Luger with the authentic holster, takedown tool, and a second magazine. I’d put bluing and condition about 90% or higher. All the numbered parts match and all the Heereswaffenamt codes and proofs are accurate for holster, Luger, and magazines. Germany created a system of codes placed on weapons and equipment in lieu of manufacturers’ identifications. The code “byf” indicates Mauser at Oberndorf made the gun.

This is my second Luger. When I pay for it and the price was right too, I’ll compare it with my other Luger which is a 1920 police rework of a World War I Luger. I may get busy and do a “One from the Vault’ featuring both guns.

Taking a Co-Worker Shooting
I mentioned over a month ago that a co-worker wanted to go shooting. Unfortunately, we had schedule conflicts and we couldn’t get out to the range until a couple of weekends ago. My co-worker is a history buff and enjoyed going through Bill’s and my collection of historical guns. He wanted to shoot an M1 Carbine, a Swiss K31, and a Mauser K98. I brought along my .22 Remington Fieldmaster for training.

Range day was a qualified success. We got to the range with a selection of rifles and two handguns. Much to our embarrassment our electronic key wouldn’t open the rifle range’s gate. You may recollect a post on the range’s security. Someone had set the gate so that the electronic keys wouldn’t work even though that was not supposed to happen. Oh well, we moved to a small plinking range where we can use handguns.

We shot Bill’s .22 Beretta Neos and the 1920 Luger I mentioned above. My friend had no real shooting experience so Bill and I had to train him carefully. Of course, we started with safety. We started shooting the Neos loaded with one cartridge, then three, then five, and finally ten. We taught him how to get his shots on the paper through sight picture alone. Once on the paper, we worked on trigger control and accuracy. Pretty soon, he was hitting the Shoot-n-See center at ten yards. Once he did that we discussed breath control, grip, stance, etc. and he began hitting the target’s center consistently. He has talent and I think he’ll be joining us gunnies soon. We moved to the Luger which he enjoyed shooting—a real piece of history.

That’s it for clean up. I know Bill and I need to do a new “One From the Vault” soon and we need to get some range reports done. So little time so many words.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Illegal Actions in New Orleans

Everyone’s talking about gun confiscation in New Orleans (newspaper links are cited in following bloggers’ posts). Kim du Toit talks about it. Say Uncle covers the story and adds that Mexican troops are coming. Countertop Chronicles shows the policy is a wholesale violation of the Bill of Rights. Smallest Minority has covered it. Other bloggers and forums are outraged about it as well.

Finally, Geek with a .45 has video and asks where’s the NRA. Unfortunately I can’t see the video because I’m at work and videos aren’t allowed here due to bandwidth considerations.

I have no news or insights to add to what these many bloggers have said and certainly don’t know the whole story. I may even have been wrong (perish the thought) in a comment on Kim du Toit’s post. I said that I thought gun confiscation was directly related to the forced evacuation. That is, if you get on the truck, you give up your guns.

Because of information I read since then and a comment Geek with a .45 made to the same thread, I believe I was wrong. More news reports will help us determine how far New Orleans is enforcing this and their forced evacuation edicts. In any event, both edicts are illegal and wrong. Those ordering the edicts and those enforcing the edicts should be arrested. Their punishment should be…well I won’t say.

I have no news and insights to add, but I can add my emotions and my voice. This is not America. This is not right. It cannot stand. We as a nation have let “authorities” believe they can get away with such illegal and even immoral acts like forced evacuations and gun confiscations. As a nation we’ve let them pass gun control act after gun control act starting with the National Firearms Act of 1934. Now “authorities” think that in an extraordinary time and circumstance they can get away with the ultimate gun control, confiscation.

Where indeed is the NRA? Where is Gun Owner’s of America? Let’s make our outrage heard with them or without them.

UPDATE 5:30 pm. In a comment to this post, Chris points to a response from the NRA and GOA (link includes both responses at NRA's response seems a bit lukewarm right now, but information is still coming in. We need to see how they handle this matter soon. GOA's response is stronger. Cam Edwards is the host for NRA's radio show. He's on the topic and has a strongly worded response and updates.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mr. Completely's Postal Match #2

About two weeks ago Bill and I shot Mr. Completely's Postal Match #2, "Snub or Not." We used our .22 pistols to shoot the match. I shot a Sig Trailside and Bill used a Baikal. We did okay and found it a lot easier than his "Flyswatter" match. While easier, it was still a challenge.

"Snub or Not" required two targets--one fired unsupported and the other from a rest. One had to use a certain target with scoring rings and score each target. The highest possible score for each target is 250 for a total of 500. My scores are 190 unsupported and 227 with a rest for a total of 417. My targets are below.

Denise's Unsupported Target

Denise's Target With a Rest

I'm a little disappointed with my scores. I can do better. I got sloppy with my first two targets. When I took a squinty-eyed look at them from the firing line, I realized I needed to concentrate more and did better. My rest target was okay.

Bill ("Yosemite Sam") also shot this challenge. He did pretty good, although I still beat him. To his credit, Bill shot the match with one hand in the classic target pistol style. He did 176 unsupported and 193 from a rest for a total of 369. His targets are below.

Bill's Unsupported Target

Bill's Target With a Rest

We enjoyed shooting the match and are looking forward to Mr. Completely's next torture challenge. We were slow to post our targets because we had planned on shooting with our snub guns, but never got to the range to do it.

Gunnie (err...Labor) Day Weekend

Bill and I had a fairly busy Labor Day weekend. In fact, we're even extending our weekend. We took today off from work because we’re planning a special outing this afternoon. We’re heading up to Kittery, Maine. Kittery Trading Post is beginning its annual Septemberfest—a week of outdoorsy exhibits, sales, and other fun. They’re sponsoring an exhibition shotgun shooter, Tom Knapp. We watched him shoot before and he puts on a very impressive show. You should catch it if he ever comes to a place near you.

On Saturday, Bill and I attended a gun show in Concord. There we met frequent commenter Seth from Massachusetts, a very courtly gentleman. It was a pleasure meeting him.

I couldn’t find a gun I wanted at the show, so we bought some ammunition. The show dissapointed me a little because there seemed to be little selection in guns. Maybe it's just me, or maybe I was having an off day.

We decided to check out a gun store we go to occasionally, Lewis Arms in Bow, New Hampshire. There a gun “spoke” to me saying, “Take me home, I’ll be a good Boomershoot rifle.” We’d like to attend Boomershoot if we can get to Idaho (no small trip from New Hampshire) and I’ve needed an accurate rifle chambered in a medium caliber.

I own a hunting rifle in 6mm and a lever action .30-30, but I’ve long wanted an accurate bolt-action gun in .308 Winchester or .30-06. I found a Savage Arms Model 11 in .308 Winchester, which I’ll be able to use it for both hunting and target shooting although I may buy a heavier stock for target use.

Savage Arms has figured out ways of turning out very accurate and reliable rifles with small price tags. Savages aren’t the prettiest rifles in the world, but I’ll take a cost savings and still get accuracy. My new rifle has their Accutrigger and I’ve been very impressed with its versatility. It adjusts from a hunting weight of 6 pounds to a target weight of 1.5 pounds with a good crisp let off.

Because of other errands and chores, we didn’t do much else of a gunnie nature over Labor Day weekend. Still, attending a gun show, buying ammo and a new rifle should be enough for most gunnies, it may be enough even for me.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The End of Civility

Crises always bring out the best in people. Neighbors help neighbors, people open their wallets and home for strangers, charities mobilize, governments put aside partisan squabbling and rush to help each other.

Crises also bring out the worst in people. As we’ve all read, civility, justice, and law have broken down in New Orleans. Looters rule the streets. Snipers fire at relief boats and helicopters. Gangs are raping women in the Superdome and on the streets. Critical food, water, and aid can’t get to people who desperately need them.

It is possible that certain gang members are attacking rescue boats and helicopters to continue the end of civility. Think about it, right now they rule neighborhoods. They have all the food and water they need because they’ve stolen it from someone else. Somewhere, they have roomfuls of consumer electronics, jewelry, new clothes. Being able to loot, rob, burgle, rape, and perhaps kill without retribution must be their idea of heaven. Eventually government will eventually restore law and order in New Orleans, but it may involve urban warfare with these armed gangs.

Some may argue that guns empower the looters and snipers, and there is a degree of truth to the argument. Similarly, knives, machetes, tree limbs, bricks, rocks, and muscle empower people who have no moral core to begin with. There will always be people who prey on weak, elderly, women, and children even if every gun disappeared from our planet.

The only thing one can do is to arm oneself, to know how to use a gun, and to plan in advance (where family members will meet, how to keep watch, etc.). Here is an article in the New York Times of all places that tells stories of armed civilians who protected their lives and property and will probably make it through this lawless period alive. Note how a machete-armed gang planned to “liberate” a family’s electrical generator, but were scared off with a couple of warning shots.

Here is a story about a man, his wife, a canoe and a shotgun. He and his wife made it to Baton Rouge in the canoe probably because they could protect it from thieves with the threat the gun posed (hat tip to Bruce at mAssBackwards).

I’m sure that a handful of people will argue that there should be more gun control so people would not have guns at all. If that is done only those people who are “burdened” with a strong moral core will be hurt. Next time there’s an end of civility, stories like those above will be different. Instead, machete wielding thugs will steal the generator and probably rape the women and kill the men. The canoe will be stolen and the couple; well who knows what will happen to them.

Government cannot guarantee there’ll not be another catastrophe. It’s your responsibility to yourself and your family to buy a gun, to learn how to use it, and to practice with it regularly. “Just in case” might happen to you.

Here is an excerpt from an e-mail submitted to National Review Online’s Corner that shows people are getting it.
"Angry is not the word for this former New Orleanian....The looters are now starting fires throughout New Orleans and have been hampering rescue efforts for two days now…. I’ve never owned a gun. However, I am purchasing one this weekend and taking a firearms class. My son will be taught to operate firearms as well when he is old enough...."
There’s a gun show in Concord, New Hampshire this weekend. Although I have plenty of guns I might just add one to my collection or buy more ammo, "just in case. "