Sunday, September 18, 2005

Two Bloggers We Already Miss

I tell you, one leaves for a few days and just see what happens when you come back. I was called to our headquarters for an urgent meeting on Wednesday and I got back Friday. Bill “Yosemite Sam” was going to post that I was gone, but didn’t (I’ll take that up with him later).

As I’ve mentioned before, my supervisors named me to a project that’s taking most of my time. I haven’t been keeping up with gun news, gun blogs, or even (gasp) my shooting and collecting. What is a girl to do? Well, my job funds all of my other activities, so I know the answer to that age-old question.

Anyway, I got home on Friday and used television to salve my jet lagged and over-taxed mind. Saturday was errand day and last evening I started to catch up on blogs.

To my horror I couldn’t get on Kim du Toit’s site at all. I then read that Countertop Chronicles is also perhaps temporarily hanging up his keyboard (hope is not lost, he made another post right after his goodbye post). Kim and Countertop are two of my favorite bloggers and both have contributed greatly to any success Ten Ring has had.

Countertop found Ten Ring early on, linked Bill and me in his “Everyday Reads,” and made favorable posts about Ten Ring when it was just a wee pup. We began to gain readership and links.

Kim du Toit put us in his blogroll as “Other Angry Bastards with Guns” and our readership blossomed. The number of people who visit us never raised to Kim’s and Countertop’s level, but they helped ensure we were no longer shouting into a vacuum.

So Kim and Countertop, Bill and I appreciate everything that you’ve done for us as bloggers. But most of all we want to thank you as loyal readers. We’ve enjoyed your posts, admired your leadership, your wit, your intellect.

We hope you’ll be back, but please take all the time you need to set up a new career in a new place (as I understand Kim is doing), and to recharge, regroup, and to think. Enjoy your hiatus and if you don’t return to blogging, best of luck to you both in everything you try.

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