Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gunnie (err...Labor) Day Weekend

Bill and I had a fairly busy Labor Day weekend. In fact, we're even extending our weekend. We took today off from work because we’re planning a special outing this afternoon. We’re heading up to Kittery, Maine. Kittery Trading Post is beginning its annual Septemberfest—a week of outdoorsy exhibits, sales, and other fun. They’re sponsoring an exhibition shotgun shooter, Tom Knapp. We watched him shoot before and he puts on a very impressive show. You should catch it if he ever comes to a place near you.

On Saturday, Bill and I attended a gun show in Concord. There we met frequent commenter Seth from Massachusetts, a very courtly gentleman. It was a pleasure meeting him.

I couldn’t find a gun I wanted at the show, so we bought some ammunition. The show dissapointed me a little because there seemed to be little selection in guns. Maybe it's just me, or maybe I was having an off day.

We decided to check out a gun store we go to occasionally, Lewis Arms in Bow, New Hampshire. There a gun “spoke” to me saying, “Take me home, I’ll be a good Boomershoot rifle.” We’d like to attend Boomershoot if we can get to Idaho (no small trip from New Hampshire) and I’ve needed an accurate rifle chambered in a medium caliber.

I own a hunting rifle in 6mm and a lever action .30-30, but I’ve long wanted an accurate bolt-action gun in .308 Winchester or .30-06. I found a Savage Arms Model 11 in .308 Winchester, which I’ll be able to use it for both hunting and target shooting although I may buy a heavier stock for target use.

Savage Arms has figured out ways of turning out very accurate and reliable rifles with small price tags. Savages aren’t the prettiest rifles in the world, but I’ll take a cost savings and still get accuracy. My new rifle has their Accutrigger and I’ve been very impressed with its versatility. It adjusts from a hunting weight of 6 pounds to a target weight of 1.5 pounds with a good crisp let off.

Because of other errands and chores, we didn’t do much else of a gunnie nature over Labor Day weekend. Still, attending a gun show, buying ammo and a new rifle should be enough for most gunnies, it may be enough even for me.

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