Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mr. Completely's Postal Match #2

About two weeks ago Bill and I shot Mr. Completely's Postal Match #2, "Snub or Not." We used our .22 pistols to shoot the match. I shot a Sig Trailside and Bill used a Baikal. We did okay and found it a lot easier than his "Flyswatter" match. While easier, it was still a challenge.

"Snub or Not" required two targets--one fired unsupported and the other from a rest. One had to use a certain target with scoring rings and score each target. The highest possible score for each target is 250 for a total of 500. My scores are 190 unsupported and 227 with a rest for a total of 417. My targets are below.

Denise's Unsupported Target

Denise's Target With a Rest

I'm a little disappointed with my scores. I can do better. I got sloppy with my first two targets. When I took a squinty-eyed look at them from the firing line, I realized I needed to concentrate more and did better. My rest target was okay.

Bill ("Yosemite Sam") also shot this challenge. He did pretty good, although I still beat him. To his credit, Bill shot the match with one hand in the classic target pistol style. He did 176 unsupported and 193 from a rest for a total of 369. His targets are below.

Bill's Unsupported Target

Bill's Target With a Rest

We enjoyed shooting the match and are looking forward to Mr. Completely's next torture challenge. We were slow to post our targets because we had planned on shooting with our snub guns, but never got to the range to do it.

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