Friday, September 09, 2005

Illegal Actions in New Orleans

Everyone’s talking about gun confiscation in New Orleans (newspaper links are cited in following bloggers’ posts). Kim du Toit talks about it. Say Uncle covers the story and adds that Mexican troops are coming. Countertop Chronicles shows the policy is a wholesale violation of the Bill of Rights. Smallest Minority has covered it. Other bloggers and forums are outraged about it as well.

Finally, Geek with a .45 has video and asks where’s the NRA. Unfortunately I can’t see the video because I’m at work and videos aren’t allowed here due to bandwidth considerations.

I have no news or insights to add to what these many bloggers have said and certainly don’t know the whole story. I may even have been wrong (perish the thought) in a comment on Kim du Toit’s post. I said that I thought gun confiscation was directly related to the forced evacuation. That is, if you get on the truck, you give up your guns.

Because of information I read since then and a comment Geek with a .45 made to the same thread, I believe I was wrong. More news reports will help us determine how far New Orleans is enforcing this and their forced evacuation edicts. In any event, both edicts are illegal and wrong. Those ordering the edicts and those enforcing the edicts should be arrested. Their punishment should be…well I won’t say.

I have no news and insights to add, but I can add my emotions and my voice. This is not America. This is not right. It cannot stand. We as a nation have let “authorities” believe they can get away with such illegal and even immoral acts like forced evacuations and gun confiscations. As a nation we’ve let them pass gun control act after gun control act starting with the National Firearms Act of 1934. Now “authorities” think that in an extraordinary time and circumstance they can get away with the ultimate gun control, confiscation.

Where indeed is the NRA? Where is Gun Owner’s of America? Let’s make our outrage heard with them or without them.

UPDATE 5:30 pm. In a comment to this post, Chris points to a response from the NRA and GOA (link includes both responses at NRA's response seems a bit lukewarm right now, but information is still coming in. We need to see how they handle this matter soon. GOA's response is stronger. Cam Edwards is the host for NRA's radio show. He's on the topic and has a strongly worded response and updates.

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