Monday, March 22, 2010

The Day After

Well, here we are. An event that forces me to don my six-shooters and get all rootin-tootin. That would be the abomination of a so called health care reform bill that the criminals in Congress shoved down the American people’s gobs last night. Reaction from the blogosphere has been swift. Reactions have ranged from pessimistic to somewhat optimistic .

I fall somewhere between these two views. I am fairly pessimistic about the whole matter, but I will endeavor to be optimistic because at this juncture it is the only practical way to move forward from this debacle. Yes, Republicans will probably wimp out if they are returned to power. Yes, this is another instance of the one-way ratchet of Socialism. But, even if all of this is true, it doesn’t mean that we should not fight this with every iota of our energy and make the enemy suffer for every inch of ground they get(Yes, I have been watching the Pacific series on HBO. Does it show?).

So in the lead up to the elections in November, we need to do everything in our power to get people who run for office to understand that our vote is contingent on their doing everything in their power to defund, defang and defeat this bill upon their election to office. Also, they need to institute a series of reforms that will ensure that a travesty of this sort is not repeated. Here are a few that might be a good start.

1.) All United States Congressional business will be done during normal business hours, 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday EST. No more midnight Sunday night votes when no one is watching. An exception would be a declared state of emergency that would take a vote of three quarters of both houses of Congress to institute.

I’ve seen a lot of media bias over the last 35 years, but the way the so called main stream media has pushed this so called health care reform takes the cake. In the spirit of informing the American people of the biases of their media outlets, I propose this second reform.

2.) All major media outlets (electronic, paper or otherwise) must indicate the political donations or connections of any spokesman or writer at the time of publication or transmission of any article, newscast or editorial.

So, when the so-called unbiased reporter reports on the lovely benefits of the latest Socialist scheme, a crawl below their shining visage will indicate that said reporter donated the max to the DNC and is a dues paying member of People for the Establishment of a People’s Republic, Berkley chapter.

Obviously, this one would need a lot of tweaking. How would one define major media? Should amateur bloggers be included? (I never claimed to be unbiased). The gist is that there needs to be a mechanism to get across to the American people that CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and yes, even FOX News are NOT unbiased and that they just perhaps may be trying to advance a particular agenda in their supposedly unbiased reporting.

It is outrageous that someone who has only stood election from one state or even one small district in San Francisco should wield so much power over more than 300 million Americans. So, I propose the following:

3.) The Speaker of the House of Representative and the Senate Majority leader will stand for a general election comprised of the voting population of the entire United States. This election will confirm these officials after they have been voted to their positions by their parties. If these officials are not confirmed in this election, another will be picked and the new choice will be put forward to the American people for confirmation.

If these two leaders had to stand for a general election, maybe just maybe, the parties might pick someone for these offices that doesn’t come from some out of the mainstream district in San Francisco. At the very least, it throws a monkey wrench in their machine and would work to slow down their machinations.

These are just a few of my fevered, anger induced ideas which were inspired by last night’s corrupt bargain. The point is that we need concrete ideas and solid positions to rally around and maybe, just maybe advance the ball in the direction of more liberty.