Sunday, January 16, 2005

Coming Soon to a State Near You

Gun Control's True Agenda

Last week, I posted a long description of everything I went through to get a Massachusetts gun license. JR of the Texican Tattler left a comment,
"Sweet merciful crap. That's a lot of hoops to jump through just to be able to legally own a gun....I'm impressed that you stuck with it. The fact that people are willing to do what it takes in spite of their government is heartening."
Thanks for the comment, JR. I stuck with it since by nature I am law-abiding and I wanted to shoot my guns without looking over my shoulder fearing a very unpleasant stay in the Graybar Hotel.

Also, I am a recovering liberal. When I lived in Texas, I had been naive enough to almost believe the crap one hears on television and other media, "If we license people to drive cars, it makes sense to license people to buy guns."

I bought into it at least partially. I believed it made sense to require training in gun usage, check criminal histories, and then issue a license to those who passed the training and history check.

Getting a Massachusetts gun license opened my eyes.

I now see the gun banners agenda for what it is and it is not gun banning (although there are some guns they want banned or severely limited such as handguns, "assault weapons,' and .50 caliber rifles).

Instead of banning guns, they are trying to use "common sense" gun control, especially licensing, as a necessary step to limiting gun ownership to the elite.

Massachusetts' scheme fills that bill. You have to read some badly written law or afford a lawyer to do it for you. If you are an "established" member of society," it will be easy for you to get letters of recommendation, or a doctor's letter stating you are of sound mind and body, or anything else the scheme requires. A "beautiful person" already knows city councilors, the mayor, the governor, doctors, and the Police Chief who will issue the license.

A regular person can go through the process. It will be open to anyone. But, even if you do everything right, the Police Chief has full discretion to deny your application or severely limit your gun rights. There will even be a right to appeal, if you have a lawyer and can afford to do everything necessary to win your case--including taking time off of work.

Of course, the Chief would not deny or limit the rights of a John Kerry, or even a George W. Bush. They are established members of the elite and can be trusted. Sean Penn who has been know to clobber photographers got a concealed weapons permit in California since he is part of the elite and can be trusted.

Elite people need elite guns and the gun banners won't ban fine Purdey shotguns or equally fine rifles. New York City has some very onerous gun laws and yet a shop there sells some of the most expensive guns in the world--Holland and Holland.

The banners do not need to ban your pump action Remington 870 or Winchester Model 94. Instead, they will make it so hard to get a license that most of us will give up and find something else to spend our money on. When our heirs decide not to get a license when they inherit our guns, the state will be glad to buy them for pennies on the dollar and send them to the smelters. Since fewer people will be getting licenses, fewer people will be buying guns. Firearms will become too expensive for most of us to afford anyway.

If you don't believe me, look at machine guns. Strict licensing made it so difficult to own one that most of us have not even applied. No one banned machine guns, but if you want to buy one you have to go through a background check, be fingerprinted, pay a $200.00 fee, and get the approval of the local Police Chief or other local law enforcement authority, etc. Sound familiar?

Since few people owned fully automatic weapons, Congress critters passed the Firearm Owners Protection Act with the execrable Hughes Amendment limiting the supply of the firearms to those made before 1986. The cost of legally owned and registered machine guns skyrocketed. Now a cheaply made and (let's face it) ugly machine pistol costs $3,399.99 (on sale) while its semi-auto counterpart costs $299.99.

This is what is in store for us. Limited and expensive arms, Police Chiefs telling us if we are "elite" enough to pass muster, full infringement of rights our grandfathers took for granted. Stop taking your gun rights for granted. Wake up and become aware of what is coming to your state.


Anonymous said...

Actually, someone did ban machine guns made after 1986 (the hughes amendment), which is why a $400 Mac costs $4,000. Supply is limited.

MA Gun License said...

There are soon going to be a gun law in America which will put a restriction on the manufacturing of toy guns. Both real and toy guns are look alike, putting American police in dilemma.

Scott Edvin