Thursday, January 06, 2005

Mutant Dead and Good Riddance

Kim du Toit posted a story from New Jersey about a storekeeper who whacked a goblin (Bill and I also like mutant, scrote, scumbag, criminal, etc.). The mutant, named Reyes, held a knife to the storekeeper's wife. The storekeeper, Ngoc Le, got his legally registered handgun and put a bullet in the scumbag's head from four feet. Even the local police, and this is New Jersey remember, said Ngoc Le took appropriate action. As Kim said, make sure Ngoc Le gets a marksmanship medal.

The story deserves one of Kim's patented happy dances. Perhaps the story merits three more happy dances since the police checked DNA and found the mutant had committed three rapes in the area. Cases closed, man, cases closed. The police also think that Reyes may be linked to unsolved robberies as well.

There was one thing that nagged me about the story, though:
Reyes was the 54th and final homicide victim in a deadly 2004 in a city that was named last by one crime analyst last year as the nation's most dangerous.
Why should we raise the status of this piece of human garbage to "homicide victim?" His own actions caused his death. He was not murdered, he was killed in the commission of a violent felony. And, why should this mutant's death be listed in the city's homicide rate? Maybe his death should be listed in the city's suicide rate.

Just as a side note, Ngoc Le is probably not eligible for a reward that was offered to anyone who helped arrest the rapist. Maybe they should give him the amount of money that would have been used to try and incarcerate the mutant. Oh well, may Reyes burn in a crispy Hell.

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Bruce said...

That's what happens when you break Rule #1. This former-idiot brought a knife to a gunfight.

Damn, I love happy endings.