Sunday, January 09, 2005

A Snowy View

This is the result of yesterday's snow storm we mentioned in the post below. Remind me why we live in New England again?

The Great White North Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I see you have listed Boomershoot. Are you going???

These are the bloggers going that I know of

Kim du Toit
Random Nuclear Strikes
What Hath I Wrought?
Myself (Fun Turns to Tragedy!!!)
ReasonableNut (who's arm I twisted)

Which makes 5, I am trying to twist others arms.

Twist Twist Twist.


Denise was Here said...

Hi Kirk,
Bill and I had thought of going to Boomershoot this year, but the timing is wrong due to my work. We are jealous and wish you, Kim du Toit, and all the rest a great time with lots of boomers down the field.