Monday, January 24, 2005

A Boomershoot Post

I saw that Alphecca linked the Ten Ring today (and a big thank you to Alphecca). Joe Huffman of View from North Central Idaho made a comment on that post. He mentioned a number of bloggers who are going to attend this year's Boomershoot held in the rolling hills of Idaho's Palouse country. He has this page of bloggers who have given Boomershoot a link or a post. The Ten Ring is included but with just a sad little note saying we gave only a link. We should've blogged on Boomershoot a long time ago, but better late than never.

We hoped to attend this year. We read about the Boomershoot roughly a year and a half ago. Later, we read Kim du Toit's adventures at last year's shoot. Be sure to click the Boomershoot link above to read all about it.

At a Boomershoot; you shoot bullets at very small targets located hundreds of yards away. The difference is, these targets are reactive--that is, they contain an explosive mixture. They explode with a satisfying bang and plume of smoke--or so we have heard. We thought this sounded like a blast, oops forgive the pun, like fun.

We can see raised eyebrows now--explosives and guns together--Oh my Lord! The sponsors are explosive experts and put safety first. So don't get your undies in a bunch.

We made plans to attend. We put a brand new variable Nikon scope on Bill's Remington Model 700 chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum. We made sure our calendars were clear at work and looked at the budget. Unfortunately, the best laid plans and all that. We have other travel obligations this year, parental visits, work travel, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

We also know we wouldn't get much out of it this year since our long distance skills are rusty. We live in New England and shooting game is done within 100 yards. The trees and thick brush make long shots unpredictable even if you could see a deer. Thus, few places have ranges long enough to practice real distance shooting. We are working on getting access to a long distance range for next year though.

We envy those bloggers and all others attending the Boomershoot and the long distance shooting clinics held before the main event. Have fun and shoot straight.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the nice post. I'll update your entry on the boomershoot web page later this evening.

Minor correction if you don't mind a nitpicking engineer doing what comes naturally. It's more of a BOOM than a bang. Others have described the fireballs as a Baawooooo!. It's hard to describe. You don't really understand until you experience it. Any of the audio/visual equipment we have tried doesn't really capture it. Even 700 yards away you FEEL it in your chest when the shock wave hits. Houses shake two miles away. People hear them over seven miles away.

As far as your long range skills are concerned you probably would do better than you think you would. Especially if you attend the Precision Rifle Clinic before the main event. Just bring good equipment and lots of ammo.

I certainly understand the budget aspects. Maybe plan on next year and then get the 100+ referrals from your website to for Boomershoot 2006 to get the free admission to the main event.

Thanks again.

The View From North Central Idaho

Denise was Here said...

Thanks for your comment and I stand corrected on the strength of the targets. Bill ("Yosemite Sam") read your comment and said he really wanted to go now. Still, it looks like 2006. We will be practicing our rifle skills and we do want to attend the rifle clinic. Thanks again.

Benjamin said...

Denise and Sam,

You will be missed. This is the first vacation I have taken in 5 years and I am copletely obsessed by it. Most people cannot understand.

My friends comments run something like, "Ben, you used to be interested in things like sex and alcohol. What is happening to you?"

I have a feeling you won't miss in 2006.