Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Word on Words

Bill and I discussed certain terms and words we use on this site. For one thing, we have both been known to swear. We want to keep the profanity down since it often weakens an argument. Some tender reader sees the word "shit" then goes into a hissy fit and loses the thread of our deathless prose. On the other hand, there are times when a good strong word must be used. So in the words of author, singer, songwriter Kinky Friedman, "I try never to say fuck in front of a c-h-i-l-d."

We unabashedly call ourselves gun nuts. We like guns, we shoot often, we own many. There are those out there who think anyone who would even pick up a gun must be insane so we will own the term and use it.

It gets tiring to write "gun nuts" all the time so we often use the term gunnies. We know that a Marine sergeant (usually a Gunnery Sergeant) is also called gunnie. We were never Marines and mean no disrespect to the Corp, but it is a good term.

We like the term gun people. In fact this is our favorite term since it is not pejorative like gun nuts, or slightly confusing like gunnies. It simply says that we are people who have some connections with guns.

And finally, Happy New Year to all from Bill and Denise.


Kevin said...

Happy new year from another gunnie.

Anonymous said...

Why not try some of the stock phrases that the media use to characterise us, such as…

“introverted loner with an arsenal of high powered sniper rifles” ???

oh, welcome (from the other side of the pond) to the good fight

Mr Free Market