Sunday, January 09, 2005

Take A Woman or Kid Shooting

Hello from the Great White North here in New Hampshire. We had a snow storm yesterday and it dumped about six or seven inches of snow on us. It fell heavily for most of the day. Big, fluffy flakes gave way to little fast-driving specks, which gave way to bigger slow-falling big fluffy flakes. Bill and I went out in it for dinner and to buy some groceries and it was not fun.

Today, the sun is out, the snow is melting and Bill and I went to the range. We shot our bullseye .22 pistols for practice. We both shoot bullseye at 25 yards in the classic one-hand stance. It is challenging, but it actually improves the other shooting we do.

We went to the Manchester Firing Line near the Manchester airport. What I saw there heartened me. One guy brought his 9 or 10 year old son who clutched a Henry Mini Bolt, probably a Christmas present. The boy kept the barrel down range and beamed like a small sun as he punched holes in paper ten yards away.

On the other side of us, a father brought his daughter. She was about 15 with two braids running down her back. She knew how to shoot and was using a 9mm (we were not sure what kind).

At the far end of the range, a husband or boyfriend was teaching his wife or girlfriend how to shoot. Down two more lanes from us was yet another husband/wife team, but she was outshooting him from what we could tell from where we were.

Woman and children are a key to the future of our sport. If we can get half the human race out shooting and keep young people interesting in shooting, we will keep our gun rights for another generation. So pass your passion on to a woman or kid in your life.

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