Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Max out the Credit Card

There is nothing that makes Denise and I want to go down to our friendly local arms purveyor and empty out our bank accounts more than a bunch of GFW’s in high dudgeon to ban another class of guns. Unfortunately, this time it is going to take a loan. In this week’s Check on the Bias, Alphecca highlights the efforts of the GFW’s to ban .50 caliber rifles. Never mind that these have hardly been used in any crimes and that the average criminal has no desire to plop down more than $3000 when a .38 snubbie will do the trick. Never mind that criminal’s don’t give a rat’s ass about gun laws to boot. To the GFW’s and their media friends, they are big, mean and scary and thus have to be banned. California has already done so, thanks to their great Conservative governor, Arnold and the other GFW states will soon be chomping at the bit to ban them as well. It looks like they are pulling the full court press, with the VPC leading the way, followed by the New York Times and 60 Minutes.

All of this for what really is just a rich man’s toy. After buying a .50 caliber rifle, it costs around $3 a round to feed it. That’s a C note for a nice day at the range. That kind of money is definitely out of our league. But if California and CBS think that ordinary people like Denise and myself have no right to own a .50 caliber BMG rifle then that really makes us want one. The irony is that .50 caliber rifles flew off the shelves in California once the ban was passed. We gunnies are kind of perverse that way. You try to ban something, that just makes us want it even more.

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Bruce said...

If NH ever bans the .50's, you could always get one of these...uh..."guns".