Saturday, January 08, 2005

Gun Things We Don't Like

It's Saturday here in the World Headquarters of our still new blog (in the world of the Internet a week old is ancient, just let us have our delusions okay). The weather dude is predicting snow today and the sky is that depressingly unnatural pewter color. Sometimes, we wonder if New England is really habitable.

Maybe the weather has made Bill and Denise a little moody. It even caused us to think about some firearms-related things we don't like:
  • Safety warnings rolled onto barrels or receivers (Ruger is especially bad, we think the entire manual is there in super-duper-fine print);
  • Import markings scratched into imported military surplus guns;
  • M-1 thumb (to close the action on an M1 Garand you have to depress the lever that holds the action open, when the bolt slams shut it can catch your thumb if you are too slow);
  • Hot just-fired brass landing on exposed skin (ouch);
  • Spilling a whole pack of small pistol primers while putting them in a reloader primer tray;
  • Gun stores that close on Sunday (we work 9-5 Monday through Friday);
  • Adjustable sights that don't stay on zero;
  • Having a drawer full of holsters as a monument to finding just the right concealment holster;
  • Springs that spring away from you while taking apart or putting a gun together.
Of course, we are still dyed-in-the-freaking-wool gun nuts, but these are things about gun ownership we don't like. If you can think of something that you don't like about guns--no political or gun-banning sentiments--just put it in the comments.

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