Friday, January 21, 2005

I Think We are Winning

Say Uncle linked a story about an AP reporter who decided to get a concealed carry permit in Ohio. Anita Chang got the permit not as a news assignment, but because she believed she needed to defend herself. She talks about the training, her feelings about guns, and the realization about how difficult it would be to shoot an attacker. She understands that owning a gun is a huge responsibility. She weighed that responsibility and decided not to buy a gun even though she earned the carry permit.

She has not bought a gun--yet. On the other hand, she was willing to learn to shoot. She is young (she says she can pass as16 maybe 19 with makeup), a journalist, and probably liberal. And yet, she went out and shot a gun and is still considering buying one. I see young people at the range all the time. Presumably, they have been indoctrinated at public schools, have heard countless messages of "guns are bad," and yet they come to the range and shoot.

We gun people are winning. More people are getting the message that guns themselves are not evil. The number of states "allowing" concealed carry has expanded, the Assault Weapons Ban is dead, the current Congress might be supportive of the Second Amendment, and gun banning groups have shrunk in terms of membership. But, not all is rosy. There is still a lot of opposition and too many laws infringe on our rights. We must work to change these laws and never let our guards down.


Benjamin said...

While I commend this journalist for her respect for the 2A, if one is assaulted, which seems to be her main concern, whipping out a license is not going to do jack.

I'm glad she passed the written tests and was semi-accurate, but unless you own a gun, scary guys on motorcyles will freak you out.

I appreciate the attempt by the MSM author, but it does ring hollow.


Denise was Here said...

Hi Benjamin,
I also commend the journalist for her 2nd Amendment support. I too would've preferred that in the end she would've bought and carried a gun. I think, though, that she will. The next time something goes bump in the night might convince her to get a gun (hopefully it won't be too late).

On the other hand, if she truly felt she could not accept the responsibility of gun ownership, then she made the right decision. Owning a gun is not for everyone although I am saddened when people are killed or injured when having a gun could have saved them that grief.

Even though I wish that she would have bought a gun, I was still impressed with her article. It showed respect for the class instructor, students, and a different kind of respect for her concerns over being unarmed.

Regards and happy blogging.