Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

Bill and I are in the second leg of our vacation. Our first was the NRA convention and now we're in Las Vegas.

We're staying at Four Queens on Fremont Street. We always wanted to spend a little time on Fremont Street (not that there's a lot to see here compared to the EuroResorts on the Strip) and now we did. As I write this I can see Binion's and part of the street. Compared to New England, it's warm here--though a cold front is supposed to have moved through. You couldn't prove it by me.

Tomorrow we'll be in Utah exploring Zion National Park and the next day other places of interest in Utah (Bill has the list of things to do and he's off somewhere). After Utah, we come back to Vegas. We'll be staying at the Luxor and we have tickets for the Penn & Teller show. It'll be our one-year anniversary that weekend, so we plan to have fun (blush).

When we come back from our nature hikes in Utah, we plan to go to one of Las Vegas's gun clubs and shoot up a little ammo (mabe a lot).

As we find free or cheap internet connections, we'll keep posting our travels and anything gun related that comes to mind. Thanks for reading. (By the way, I'm down about $30.00 in gambling, but Bill's up about $200.00, sigh.)

Posted: 5:20 PM Pacific Time

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