Friday, May 12, 2006

Hoplophobic Dad in New Jersey

Well isn’t this just precious. A father is worried about his 23 year old son who still lives with him and two younger brothers. He’s not worried because his grown son is still living in the same house. Nope, he’s worried about his son’s taste in possessions.

His son owned a “sniper rifle” with a telescopic and laser sight, three Glocks, 1200 rounds of ammunition, knives, “claws, and a spear. The article describes the knives as “savage looking.” Daddy calls the cops to get the weapons confiscated and to get a restraining order against his son. The cops come and find hollow point bullets among some of the ammunition.

Now this outrage happened in New Jersey where hollow point ammunition is illegal (with certain hunting exceptions). There is no indication that the son was arrested for owing such ammunition or any of the weapons. In fact, there is no indication he did anything illegal. His only problem was having the money to buy his guns and knives and still living with a hoplophobic daddy.

As the father requested, the police came and stole confiscated his son’s weapons. The son was licensed to own them, but can no longer do so under court order. If my father did this to me (granted, I’m a lot older than 23 and I don’t live in my childhood home), I’d break all contact with my family and move out of state. I’d then make every effort to get the court orders overturned and start buying guns.

What's wrong with this story is that Dad even called the police. If all was right with the world, he'd have gone to a shooting range with his son. I don't particularly like "savage looking" knives. Not my cup of tea, but so long as there is no evil intent to use them, or us a gun, a spear, or anything else--and there's no indication that such is the case--then more power to whoever wants to collect them.

I doubt the son will ever see his property again although certain cops ot their department may have gained a “sniper rifle.” If you're living in New Jersey, my heart bleeds for you.

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