Thursday, May 25, 2006

Vegas and Zion

My last post got a bit truncated. One of those Blogger mysteries I guess. I'd actually written a lot more on Vegas, but a middle part of it disappeared into the bit bucket.

I'm not going to try and reconstruct the last post, but I will reflect for a moment. I grew up in the desert west. When I visit here, I feel homesick although I haven't lived here since graduate school. I like the dry desert air and how the nights cool down so dramatically.

I need to make my way back west to live. If looks like retirement may be the best possibility unless I want to make a major career change. Hey, I can count to 21, maybe I'll be a blackjack dealer!

In my last post, I also included more photos like this one:
Binions Horseshoe

If you follow the World Series of Poker you'll recognize Binions. Benny Binion got an ideain the 1970s, invited several friends for a tournament, and then it took off getting bigger each year. It's too big now to hold at Binions and Rio hosts all but the last few tables which are still played at Binions.

I like to play a little penny-ante Texas Hold'em. I'm actually quite good in a limit game. However, I don't have the killer instinct, and I'm too cheap, for big-money no-limit hold'em. Still, I may enter a tournament one day just to try it out and only risk the entry fee.

As far as gambling, I am cheap and avoid big losses. I like Four Queens five dollar a hand blackjack tables and poker slots. I'm slightly ahead right now thanks to a good run of luck at poker slots. Bill is still ahead.

Enough Vegas, right now I'm near Zion National Park and Bill is still there hiking a trail. We'll have more photos soon of Zion, but here's one for right now:
Zion National Park

Thanks for sticking with us and gunnie goodness will soon resume. See you all later.
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