Monday, May 15, 2006

Floods Got a Little Too Close

It's getting late now after a really tiring day. It's not that I did that much physical labor--filled a sandbag or two. You see, the area where I live is flooding. So far the water hasn't breached our walls or even dampened our basement, but it's out there. Out there waiting to come in and soak my books, rust my guns, and warp my floorboards.

Other people in our condo complex have been less fortunate. I took the afternoon off of work and helped where I could, but there's not much to do when water rises. Nothing except to pile a few belongings on tables, pray the rains will stop, and fill a few sandbags.

Bill and I live on the higher side of the complex and that saved our belongings. Part of our complex is built too near a very picturesque New England pond. Here are a couple of photos and now I'm off to read a weather report (last I heard, rain is abating) and then to sleep.

One Set of Condos

Another Set of Condos

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