Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Belated Gunnie Weekend

Bill and I managed to have a gunnie weekend. We visited a local gun store to replenish some shotgun powder for reloading and a little ammo. We did recreational plinking on Sunday. Nothing taxing. Nothing too fancy, just sent handgun lead down range to destroy plastic bottles, empty ammo boxes, and even a Starbucks coffee cup. In other words, no trash was safe.

That’s not to say we didn’t shoot as a few paper targets as well and with a little more purpose. I shot my Colt .380 and did a fair amount of one handed shooting in my strong and weak hands. I also took the opportunity to shoot my Nazi-marked Walther P-38, and the Nambu Type 14 pistol I bought not too long ago.

Guess which gun gave me problems? Yep, the Nambu. I had one mild failure to feed with the Colt and no stoppages whatsoever with the P-38. The Nambu, however, has a problem. Its firing-pin spring is just a little too weak to crush a primer each time I pulled the trigger. I managed to get off three rounds before I decided that shooting it was too much hassle and that a gun spring purchase is in my future. Fortunately, springs aren’t a numbered part.

Still, the Nambu was surprisingly accurate. Even with problems, I hit a shoot-n-see with each shot (at 12 yards one handed). It has a very light and crisp trigger despite its rather crude appearance. I’m looking forward to getting new springs for it and giving it a real test. Keep watching this spot for an update.

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