Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Turkeys, Coyotes, and Foxes Oh My

Seth from Massachusetts sent me an article about a suburban/urban neighborhood that’s inundated with turkeys, coyotes, and now foxes. Brookline, Massachusetts is nestled right into Boston’s bosom and is not bordered by any real wilderness. Yet it has wildlife and predators in abundance.

Brookline’s a leftie paradise and more than one person is surprised that government can’t help them despite the fact that it was lefties who passed the various animal regulations in the first place. The powers that be can’t trap and relocate wild animals and certainly can’t shoot them. The best advice “concerned citizens” got was to get rid of bird feeders, make sure their trash is secure, and don’t feed the critters.

When I’ve wildlife blogged before, I’ve always said we need predators and people need to live with them. That means that people need to understand them and be able to defend themselves just in case an aggressive predator decides you, your kid, or your pet looks like lunch (not even going to talk about rabies even though the article mentions it).

Instead, Brookline is one of the hardest cities in Massachusetts to get a license to own a gun. The police chief doesn't like giving them out and most of his subjects citizens wouldn't dream of asking for one anyway. Of course there's always pepper spray. Oh wait, you must have a firearms license to even own pepper spray. Foolishness among the sheeple of Brookline.

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