Saturday, May 20, 2006

NRA Convention-Saturday

It’s our second day at the NRA Convention in Milwaukee. My feet are giving me fits and I’m tired, but getting more rested. We’re back in the hotel now—we couldn’t get a downtown hotel, but we’re only a ten-minute drive away. We’re going to tonight’s banquet after we change and start feeling less like we’ve made a long hike.

I know you don’t come to Ten Ring to read about my feet, so here’s what we did and saw. First, we went to the annual members meeting where they found the youngest and oldest life members in attendance. For your edification, the youngest was six-weeks old and the oldest was 101 year old Claude Willoughby.

Slightly Blurred Picture of Annual Meeting

The meeting included speeches from NRA officers and a very good short film on gun confiscations in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Too many media outlets have tried to deny it happened, but the NRA caught then Police Chief Eddie Compass on TV saying that no one would be allowed to have guns. The NRA interviewed Patricia Konie, a woman who was assaulted by burly police officers all because she owned a gun. So this is why I give NRA support.

A few more speeches, a few resolutions that were tabled or sent to rules committees, and the meeting adjourned. Bill and I headed out to lunch. On the recommendations of Bitter and Hell in A Handbasket we ate at Mader’s and enjoyed German cooking and beer. Thanks for the tip guys.

We then hiked the convention floor:A very Small Segment of the Floor

Ginnie Simone and Cam Edwards were broadcasting an interview with new members of the USA Shooting Team:
NRA Media

and we toured the store.
Self Explanatory

Tonight, we’re off to the banquet. We’ll let you know how that goes.

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