Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Vegas Vagaries

Bill and I are waking up in Las Vegas. It’s almost noon in New England and we’re feeling almost decadent. I think that’s part of Vegas’s charm—giving you a relatively safe place to experience a little decadence. Like pretending to wake up at noon when it’s actually 8:00.

We’re going to Utah this afternoon to explore canyons of twisted rock and spires so eerie even geologists call them hoodoos. After a couple days in the real desert, we’re back in Vegas’s more tamed desert.

As I mentioned yesterday, we plan to see Penn & Teller’s show on Friday. Most of you have probably seen them bashing gun control on their Showtime series, Bullshit. They used the best weapon of all, ridicule. When we got to the airport the other day, here is what we saw over the luggage carousel:

Not a bad omen. (Posted at 9:20 am)

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