Friday, May 05, 2006

Spring is Here

I’ve never disguised my disdain for New England winters, but I have to admit there’s something to be said for New England springs. Winter has finally eased its grip after descending into a rainy, blustery April and hanging on during a cold few days of May. Still, the trees are in bloom and it’s warm. The only drawback is I have to work while the woods and shooting ranges call me.

In New England, plants seem to know they only have a limited time to grow, so in late spring everything suddenly leafs out. It makes you forget how cold last month really was and how you doubted spring and its promise of summer would ever come. It makes me feel as if I'd been in a deep hibernation and am finally waking up.

The warm weather, the greening trees, the flowers all make me want to get out doors and resume my trap shooting, rifle shooting, and outdoor pistol shooting. One of these days, I may even take up skeet. I’ve received an open invitation to come out to Cowboy Action Shooting matches here in New England. Bill and I may do just that once we acquire a holster or two, loops to hold shotgun shells in, and a few other items. Being from Texas, we do have boots.

I have plans for this weekend, although I haven’t yet nailed down what Yosemite Sam wants to do. I’ll tell you what I'm planning. I want to shoot my Nambu pistol; UPS delivered a box of cartridges for it the other day so I'm good to go. I want to go trap shooting and I want to enjoy a predicted decent weekend.

One other thing I want to do, but it’s not really a spring day thing. I want to see United 93—the movie about the plane that didn’t crash into the Capitol Building because average Americans stopped terrorists on 9/11. I meant to go last weekend, but Bill doesn’t want to go. He agrees that we should remember what happened on that day. But, he’s afraid that he’ll become too angry and too unable to vent that anger. He has a point, but I really hate to go to a movie alone. We’ll see what happens.

Sorry this is such a rambling, personal post, but I’m on my break after a busy Friday of writing too many e-mails, editing too many documents, and dealing with too much work-related bullshit on the so-far nicest day of the year. I’ll let you know how my possibly wonderful weekend shapes up.

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