Thursday, May 18, 2006

NRA Convention Bound

First off, sorry about the lack of posting recently. Work has been incredibly busy partly because Bill and I are about to start our vacation. I had to finish two major projects that involved more work than my aching carpal tunnels can stand. I also ended up with a new task that took me out of town all day Wednesday. Don't you just love it when the bosses give you two number one priorities and then decide to add a third one? But, I got 'er all done.

Bill and I are heading to the NRA convention in Milwaukee. We plan to blog the convention while we're there if our technical plans hold up. Keep your fingers crossed. We attended last year, but didn't have a way to load pictures from the camera to Blogger and had little access to a computer. We've tried to rectify that situation. Here's a taste of last years convention:
NRA Convention Floor 2005

After the convention, we're heading to Las Vegas for fun, sun, shooting, and even a little gambling (very little--neither of us are big spenders when it comes to games of chance).

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