Friday, March 25, 2005

Three Traditions and Elites

Yesterday, Bill (Yosemite Sam) posted an essay about Democrats and guns. You may remember from some of our earliest posts that Bill has always been a Republican and conservative. I was once a Democrat and now am a recovering liberal. I still believe certain liberal things like “live and let live,” “question authority,” and other wisdom from the 1960s. One thing I’ve always believed in is you must trust the little man.

Bill mentions elites and a brave new world they want for the little man. According to him,

They are seeking to create the perfect society. They are working so hard for it, a society of peace and love.
Today’s liberal is a member of one of several elite goups or led by them. Think about John Kerry. Here was a man born with a golden spoon in his mouth and then married up to even more wealth. The Democrats tried to run him as a man of the people. My God, how silly and people I talked to who supported him saw right through it.

Kerry supporters were often members of the Hollywood elite like Barbra Striesland, international elites like Greorge Soros, and many others. Many of them have little fondness for the common man even those who were historically Democrats.

These elites, like John Kerry, want to create a new country. They want one that looks to Europe for ways of coping with social problems, immigration, and foreign affairs: an attitude aptly called Transnational Progressivism. They want a civilized society where guns are faint and disgusting memories. They would even remove them from museums.

Liberal elites honestly believe they know how to run our lives better than we do. To win they must destroy our traditions. Think about three traditions they have tried to destroy; hunting, gun ownership, eating meat. They must destroy them because every one of them represents independence and self-discipline. It you hunt you don’t have to rely on food distribution systems to eat. If you own guns you can use them to hunt, use them for self-defense, or use them to stop elites and their agents. If you don’t eat meat you’re forced to rely on a system of food distribution and society—a system that the elites can own and control.

Think about what it means to be a vegetarian in most of America. Growing seasons are such that you must rely on imported fruits and vegetables. You must be able to mix nuts and beans for complete proteins. If you’re a city dweller, self-reliance and independence becomes difficult and you’re even more reliant on others.

If someone chooses to be a vegetarian, more power to them. I tried it myself as much out of curiosity than anything else. For almost a year this avowed carnivore ate fruits, vegetables, and grain products with a little cheese and eggs. I can’t say my diet made be unhealthy, but I had to rely on a local health food store for most of my food and I had to pay a premium price.

But, certain people who “supported” me in my vegetarianism really bothered me. It was a religion to them. Here’s a snippet of a of a letter from Linda Serfass to The Boston Globe: “

The feelings associated with a backyard barbecue or holiday meal are of enjoyment, memories, friends, and family. What is not seen or heard are the terrified animals screaming, the injured immigrant meat factory workers performing dangerous jobs, and the toxic effects of factory farming in someone else's neighborhood.... Everyone who ignores these images is guilty of perpetuating them. Look beyond the happy image of hamburgers and hot dogs and think about what the advertisements don't tell you.
This is not someone making a dietary choice for herself. This is someone who would make that decision for you. This is a person who has adopted an attitude born of elites. She is someone who wants to make a better world by making you so guilty you’ll make choices she wants you to. She turns a backyard barbecue into a scene from Hell. You’re to blame that our society doesn’t recognize animal rights. You’re to blame if you actually like hamburgers and hot dogs. You’re to blame if we don’t have that society of peace and love. Or ideas along these lines.

So, not only are our guns at risk, but so are our traditions. A father/son (or daughter) hunt is cast as an orgy of blood. The ownership of a gun is cast as anti-social behavior. The eating of meat, an activity that we humans have done since before we were truly humans, is cast as a horrific vision of screaming animals and injured workers.

That’s the world elites want. If they get it, they won’t suffer. They‘ll eat exquisitely prepared pheasant shot at exclusive game farms with their $75,000.00 Purdey shotguns while “useful fools” like Linda Serfass continue to hector us unmercifully.

To them, I say you’ll get my guns, my hunting license, my haunch of red meat, my independence and self-reliance over my cold dead body.

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