Thursday, March 31, 2005

BAG Day Plans

Buy a Gun (BAG) Day is about two weeks away. As the day get closer, gun bloggers are reminding us more and more that April 15 is a great day to go out and buy a gun. Here at the Ten Ring, we've already announced our support for BAG Day.

Well, this year we have big plans for BAG Day and our plans will affect this blog temporarily. Bill has parents in Houston, Texas who told him we must visit this year. So, we're loading up the car and heading to Texas on April 9. On the way, we 'll be stopping at many attractions including Grand Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. We plan to be there two nights and we reserved a time on their Sporting Clays course.

We'll get to Houston sometime around April 12th. We'll be attending the NRA Convention too and already have banquet tickets. We will actually blog the convention.

On BAG Day, we plan to go to Collectors Firearms where I plan to make my BAG Day purchase--probably a handgun with my Curio & Relics License. Bill will make his own purchase and go through FFLs if he needs to.

On our way back, we have many activities planned. Probably won't get to them all--you know how traveling goes.

So, on the road, our posting will be sporadic depending on when we can get to a computer. We will post every chance we get. We'll remind you of all travel plans right before we go. We'll also announce exactly what we bought for BAG Day.

That's our news. We had hoped to go to Boomershoot this year, but family called and we're soon bound for Texas. So, y'all wish us a good trip and let us know if you'll be at the NRA Convention too. We might be able to say hello.

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