Saturday, March 05, 2005

Chuck Schumer Wants Me to Buy a Gun

I opened up my browser this morning even before I made a cup of coffee (bad mistake this early). I opened Alphecca and read that Chuck Schumer wants to ban the FN Five-SeveN pistol. No surprise since I read a mention yesterday on Say Uncle.

I always like Alphecca's take on news stories and gave it a read. Sleepily, I clicked down his blogroll and lit on Freedom Sight who posted that Chuck Schumer wants to ban the FN Five- SeveN pistol. He linked Michael Bane who says that Chuck Schumer wants to ban the FN Five- SeveN pistol.

At this point, I actually feel inundated with Five-SeveN news--four articles posted in roughly twenty-four hours. So I'll add my little bit:
  1. The Brady Campaign lied to demonize Five-SeveNs;
  2. FN Five-SeveNs bullets that do penetrate body armor are illegal to sell in the US to civilians;
  3. Gun-grabbers are emotionalizing Five-SeveNs and .50 caliber rifles in order to gain votes and power to further infringe on the Second Amendment by making gun owners look anti-social.
I've seen Five-SeveNs at my favorite gun store. I've picked one up, examined it, and put it back down. It's a tactical pistol built with modern polymers and I don't particularly like tactical pistols built with modern polymers. I like guns made with wood and blued steel and those that have some history behind them. I'm old-fashioned in my tastes.

But, if Chuck, Sarah and their merry band of morons keep at it, Bill or I (he likes tactical pistols) will add a Five-SeveN to our collection. Way to go gun-grabbers, you're just making us buy more guns.

You know librarians have a "Banned Book Week" during which they encourage patrons to read banned or challenged books. Maybe we gunnies should have a "Buy an Almost Banned Gun" week.

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