Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Not a Gun Rant

Sometimes, I read something that so enrages me that I have to blog about it.
This article for instance.
I have only one question. Why are these people not under arrest for sedition and following that a quick trial and execution? I can't believe we are at a juncture in this country where the military is barred from recruiting at Harvard University, but these seditionous, treasonous bastards can go around and undermine our nation's military and security. THIS IS NOT FREE SPEECH. This is sedition and we used to know what to do with this ilk. Hang them by the neck until dead.
But we can't do that anymore, now that we live in the new, improved United States where there is no longer any such thing as sedition or treason.

What we have here is a group of people who no longer think they have to follow the rules of civilized behavior. If the majority overrules them fine, they'll just rant, whine, stamp their feet, lie and commit treason until they get their way. Well I've had enough. They no longer want to follow the rules, fine. Then why should our side follow the rules when the shoes on the other foot and when they win a majority. If the Supreme Court makes a ruling we don't like, then why not ignore it. They certainly do.

We are fast approaching a point where we are not living under a Rule of Law, but of men. If the government and the people of this country do not crack down on seditionous and treasonous activity like this, then why should the rest of us have any respect for decisions and laws we don't like?

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