Saturday, March 12, 2005

A Line in the Sand

Smallest Minority has an entry up that discusses ongoing house to house searches in Australia for the stated reason of checking to see if registered guns are safely stored. If the police find the slightest discrepancy, then all of the gun owner’s firearms are confiscated with little or no recourse for getting them back.

It sounds to me that Australia is quickly regressing back to the penal colony from which it sprang, but the situation is not much better in this country. Certain gun fearing states like Massachusetts and California are almost there now.

As we have stated previously, we fled Massachusetts because we could no longer abide the increasingly fascist gun laws. Since we are law-abiding people, we moved to New Hampshire where we could pursue our hobby and sport in freedom. I believe that Massachusetts is only a few years from banning guns outright, particularly if rabidly anti-gun Attorney General Riley is elected governor, which seems likely. In my opinion, there will be movements against gun owners in this country, like in Australia, within a decade. But what is the patriotic, law-abiding gun owner to do?

Both Denise and I are peaceful, quiet people who just want to celebrate what should be our American heritage by pushing lead down a range as generations before us have done. But there are many in this country that want to deny our God given rights and they have taken over several states.

The first thing we will do is never live in a state that requires registration of firearms. We’ve done that once and once was enough. We’ve sworn a vow that our firearms will never be registered again. Secondly, we will do what we can as individuals to promote the use of firearms and to roll back gun control laws, ideally back to and including the Sullivan Act. But what if all this is for naught and we see that this country is on track, despite our best efforts, towards becoming another Britain or Australia?

This is where the Line in the Sand comes in.

We will never submit to what they are doing to the citizens subjects of Australia. If our government tries to do this here, we will fight. We will fight peacefully or if it becomes necessary, we will take Jefferson’s advice and water the Tree of Liberty. Is this radical? Hell, yes and so were the people who founded this Republic and it would be a dishonor to their spirits to not fight the good fight against the same type of tyranny they fought against.

The first American Revolution started when the Redcoats tried to get the colonist’s guns. If the powers that be want to try the same, they shouldn’t be surprised if they get the same response.

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