Sunday, March 27, 2005

Censoring a Gun Book

Bill was over at Kim du Toit's site this morning. I think he was checking out one of those Skin Pics that Kim puts up every weekend. Hmmm...maybe I need a quick talk with him. Naw, he likes the pics too much. Bill mentioned a post about a woman in New Jersey whose fifth-grade son checked out a gun book from his school's library. Now, mommie won't return the book.

I decided to read the newspaper article linked on Kim's post even though Kim covered it very thoroughly.

Robin Barroso is today's moonbat in question and she "confiscated"
Guns of the World: The Complete Collectors and Traders Guide which actually came out in 1977--I think its information on pricing and obtaining guns might be a little out of date, just a tiny little bit. Even so, mommie thinks kids might use it to learn how to obtain guns and shoot up their schools.

School officials are trying to get her to return the book. They defend its presence in the library since it may have academic value. Good on them. Barroso argues that, "...[keeping guns out of kids' hands is] everybody's responsibility in a community." This is so "It takes a village" groupthink it's not even funny. Her son evidently checked it out since it seemed "different."

C'mon Mom, boys love guns and you'll never stop them from trying to learn about them. In fact, discouraging their interest may create a "forbidden fruit" problem. She only allows her son to watch non-violent fare on television and he cannot play non-violent video games. Those choices are up to her, but she's weaving a cocoon around her son based on an unrealistic view of the world.

Barroso is now more than unrealistic. She became a book banner when she refused to return the book and when she wants to protect others from it. One assumes she is liberal based on her gun position (it could be a wrong assumption--look at Sarah Brady).

Liberals say they hate people banning books. I remember controversy when a few people on the religious right insisted books like Heather has Two Mommies be removed from library shelves. In fact, Heather has Two Mommies was the eleventh most challenged book from 1990 to 2000.

Liberals hate that someone could challenge a book's presence in a school library. They say they're against censorship. Here is a description of a 1996 college course decrying book banning. It states,
...the issues of plurality in American society and diversity in the public schools have a significant influence on challenges to public school curricula and library holdings.
Barroso missed a learning opportunity. She could have used Guns of the World to show her son that people have different interests. She could have talked about diversity and plurality in American society. Nope, her reaction is censorship and stealing public property.

I don't know if Barroso is Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. But, I do know she is a gun-fearing woman who would dictate what books others can read and what interests others can have. So typical of "progressives" who decry censorship when religious right people attempt it even while they try it themselves over guns.

Bill and I have noted leftist hypocrisy on gun issues. When reports came out of people buying guns while included on terror watch lists, liberals demanded refusing guns to those listed. Earlier, they cried foul when similar if not identical no-fly lists were being used to prevent people from boarding a plane. Bill discussed how the Democrat Party became such total gun-grabbers.

Barroso is an example of the mentality we gunnies face in today's world. It betrays an anti-freedom and anti-choice agenda on behalf of all gun haters. Look at the attitude closely. If not stopped, it will lead to the end of our gun rights and the burning of gun reference books in public squares.

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