Friday, March 18, 2005

A Line in the Sand (Part 2)

Last week, I wrote about what we as gun owner’s can do to fight back against the ceaseless attempts to deprive us of our liberty. Now via Geek with a 45, there is this case of a Philadelphia man, with a License to Carry, who was threatened by a homeless man bum with a knife. The LTC holder brandished his firearm and the potential mugger backed off. That should have been the end of it, but the bum went to the police and the LTC holder had his carry permit and all of his guns, including those he had at home, confiscated. The ADA is pressing charges against the LTC holder.

I can’t describe how much this incenses me, that in the United States of America, in the very city where the Declaration and the Constitution were forged, that this could take place. That they would take the word of a street thug over an upstanding, taxpaying citizen brings my rage to even greater heights. This is the world turned upside down, folks. The hard working, law abiding members of society are treated like Shit, deprived of our God given rights and street vermin are treated with respect.

Also, it seems that the mayor of Philadelphia is trying to start a campaign against lawful LTC holders and is trying to end the issuance of LTC permits in the city. They have tried before to restrict LTC permits in Philadelphia, but since Pennsylvania has a state preemption law, these efforts have been struck down. He may have more success now that Pennsylvania has a Democrat governor.

Pennsylvania gunnies: I think your moment has arrived. The powers that be are trying to turn your state into New Jersey West and they will if you allow it. You need get on the phone to your elected Representatives, demand that charges be dropped against this man in Philadelphia, march in the streets and do everything you can to bring this fascist mayor in Philadelphia to heel. He seems to have no desire to lock up the gang bangers who are causing all of the murders in Philadelphia and is trying to use these murders as an excuse to deprive law abiding people of their Constitutional rights. Don’t stand for it.

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