Sunday, March 13, 2005

Carnival of Cordite #4 (and a blog-apology)

Hi all,
Bill and I have not posted much recently, but here is the fourth Carnival of Cordite sponsored by AnarchAngel. There are many, many fine posts to read, a good number from first time entrants. So go there and enjoy, learn, have fun, and remember the next Carnival is less than a week away.

Both of us have been ill the last few days. We picked up some sort of evil mutant zombie gunge that results in full sinuses, racking coughs, watery eyes, and total exhaustion. I bought groceries today--first time I've been outdoors since Thursday. We're both on the mend, but coughing keeps waking us up so we're really, really tired. Being half-asleep all the time has turned us into inconstant bloggers the last few days. We hope to return to our regular posting schedule tomorrow.

For those who sent kind e-mails and anyone else with get well soon wishes, we give a humble thanks,
Denise and Bill

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