Thursday, February 23, 2006

Readings for the Day

Work’s kept me busier today than usual—even through lunch. But fear not although I don’t have anything original, there’s a lot of good reading below.

Here’s a scary proposition; have the Federal government mandate steel shot for all migratory birds including dove hunting. Anyone who has ever hunted doves knows that it’s a boon to ammo makers. Those little devils are fast and you end up wasting most of the shells you take out to the field. If you had to use steel shot, you would have to sell your first born to afford a season’s worth of shells. It’s not official yet, but there is some noise that such a thing could happen. There’s scant evidence that lead shot actually hurts doves that ingest it, but there’s more research in the works. The researchers better not be anti-hunting types who’ll make the science come out the way they think it should.

Speaking of shotguns, My Science Project looks at the Dick Cheney wounding incident. It concludes that the account of the incident was accurate especially the distance between Cheney and the wounded attorney, Whittington. My Science Project investigates how much damage a 28 gauge shotgun will do to a variety of targets, including paper silhouettes, supermarket-bought Cornish hens, turkeys, and a half pig. If you want to see melons being blasted into a fine spray, well they’ve got it too. In all seriousness, it’s great that someone went to the time, trouble, and expense to give us reliable information. (thanks to an e-mailer).

Speaking of reliable information on ballistics, be sure to check out Box of Truth. I ended up clicking on nearly everything last night.

Finally, Mr. Completely posted Rimfire Roundup #3. Go there and enjoy its gunnie goodness.

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