Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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I appreciate the comments I received on the new masthead. As I said in one of my comments, it is a work in progress. Two comments stated that Netscape and AOL cut off the top of the banner. I viewed it in Firefox and Exploder Explorer and it seemed fine, but each browser is a little different.

I can't see exactly what happens in those two browser "dialects" and I'm not an html wizard, so bear with me a bit. I went into the template and lowered the banner's position. That leaves a sliver of a gray bar on the top (hey, it's a design element). That action might lower it enough that those browsers won't cut it off. Let me know if it's now low enough to view properly.

A more difficult comment was dealing with the banner's size, which makes the page slower to load with a dialup modem. I've used dialup and don't miss it now, but "I feel your pain." I'm not completely satisfied with a couple of elements on the new banner and will soon remove and replace them. Doing so may reduce a “busy” feel it has. I will also see if I can reduce the banner's size by just a little. These changes may help. I'll probably make the changes this weekend or next.

For those who like the banner and/or had no browser problems, I'm on the right track and will only be tweaking it a little.

Thanks again for the comments.

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