Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quick Hello and "Duck" Cheney

Work and appointments have kept me fairly busy yesterday and today, so I only have time for a quick, semi-edited post.

I did find time to meet with an accountant about our income taxes yesterday. Bill and I got married this year and we bought a condo together. That's really changed our returns and we needed help figuring out what we could deduct and other fun stuff. Don't even get me started on the complexity of our income tax system. Also, we both work in Massachusetts and have to pay MA taxes. That states's tax forms and laws are even more crazy than federal tax laws and forms.

We all know that Dick "Duck" Cheney accidentally shot a hunting partner who didn't announce that he was joining the group. My view: the shooter is ultimately responsible for his shot. You have to know what your target is and what's beyond it before you press that trigger. Yes, other factors such as visibility, placement of people and dogs, etc. can create the conditions for an accident, but the responsibility lies with the person who shot the gun.

It's also been said that Cheney didn't have a proper Upland Bird Hunting stamp. Our hunting laws are too damn complicated. You need a stamp for this, a permit for that, a federal number for that. Even a person with a staff as large as Cheney's can't get it right all the time. We need to simplify these laws so that a regular lay person can follow them without a problem.

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to a dentist appointment (such fun, wish we luck). Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

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