Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Masthead (More Prettification)

UPDATE: Because not too many of us read blogs on weekends (we have errands to run and shooting ranges to visit), I decided to jigger the date of this post to allow anyone who wants to comment a chance to do so. It will stay on top until Wednesday, February 1. Originally posted at 10:38 A.M. on January 28.

Yosemite Sam (Bill) and I are posting our new masthead. We felt we needed a gun-centric design and I cobbled this one together. I am not a graphic artist, nor am I an html coding whiz, but we think it might give a new dimension to Ten Ring.

I know there are a couple of glitches. There is a second "The Ten Ring" that appears in the upper left corner. I found the code that places that, but when I edited out, it really created a mess--back in it went. It also appears on archives pages as an active link. The pistol shooter in the lower right hand corner got a funky smudge when I blended lines. I don't know if I'll edit that yet, but I'm aware of it.

Please look the masthead over and let us know what you think. If you see anything else wrong, please comment on it.

Bill and I have really enjoyed blogging this past year and are gratified at the interest all of you have shown in the blog. We hope to prettifiy the blog with more photos, the new masthead, and in general make more improvements as we go without getting too annoying.

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