Monday, April 11, 2005

One From the Road

We are on our vacation and I managed to get to this computer at a Days Inn in Wytheville, Virginia. Unfortunately, today's post will need to be quite brief. Bill is in the car revving the engine and there's a time limit on the computer.

Saturday, Bill and I drove from our home in New Hampshire to Luray, Virgina. We took the Luray Caverns tour and drove over to Monticello. Neither of us had been to either place. The Caverns were nice and Monticello was moving. They've done a great job keeping the place up while maintainng its antiquity. Monticello, of course, was Thomas Jefferson's home. The man who wrote the Decleration of Independence also wrote that the best form of exercise was in the field with a gun--or something to that effect.

Well need to run now. Off to Tennessee.

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