Monday, April 25, 2005

At Home Finally

Bill and I are finally home now. We got here much later than we planned thanks to April snowstorms in southern Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. There was also that stop at Cabela's near Hamburg PA that took so much longer than we expected (ahem). We arrived home last night about 11:30. We took our new treasures out of the car, but that's all we did.

I'm going to work late and I am typing this while waiting for a load of laundry to dry--I refused to go to work in travel dirtied clothes. I'm sure my office-mates appreciate it. As soon as they are dry, off I go to the Post Office to take care of our mail and then work. Vacation over.

I will be posting again after work. So many things to write about now. Talk at you then.

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