Sunday, April 24, 2005

Last Post from the Road

Well unless we are startingly unlucky this will be our last post from the road. We are now in St. Clairsville, Ohio near Wheeling, West Virginia. It is snowing here if you can believe it. This is not just a pissy little wintry mix, this is real snow. We will need to dig out the snow brush from under our many fine purchases and sweep off our car. "Oh the pain, the pain," to channel Dr. Smith of Lost in Space.

We did a gunnie thing yesterday. We visited the Frazier Museum of Historical Arms (if we have the name right, we packed the brochures) in Louisville, Kentucky. We spent too much time there, but what a collection. They are exhibiting artifacts from the British armament museums, as well as collections of many other fine weapons. Their dioramas are startingly lifelike and we will post a picture of one or two of them soon. In fact, we will blog the museum later. If you live in or are visiting the Louisville area, be sure to check it out. It is on Main Street across from the Louisville slugger baseball bat factory.

Thanks for bearing with us while we were on vacation. Our trip taught us one thing: we need to buy a laptop with a wireless card. This blogging from motel lobbies, Internet cafes, etc., does not work out all that well. Thanks again.

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