Friday, April 22, 2005

Explanation for Last Post

Yesterday, I made a post from the road at an Internet kiosk in a truck stop somewhere in central Missouri. I made a very brief post and found this afternoon that either Blogger or the kiosk had stripped the post, but published its title. It was a very brief post indeed.

Bill and I are still on vacation, but heading back to New Hampshire and work. Yesterday, we toured the Harry S Truman home and library. I like Truman as a president and a politician. He said what he thought and did not pull punches. The only politician I know today like that is Zell Miller whom Bill and I respect.

Today, we toured the Mark Twain boyhood home in Hannibal, Missouri. I am at an Internet cafe there and will need to leave soon. Twain is Bill's favorite author so he was happy as a clam today. We will have to cover some miles in the next few days if we are to get home on Sunday.

We haven't done anything gunnie related the last few days, but we will keep you posted next time I can find a computer. See you all later.

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