Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another One from the Road

We found another computer in a hotel on the road. Its amazing how many hotels are setting these up for guest use. When I travel for business, I stay in Hiltons and Westins and you expect a business center. Now, even the Days Inns have a business center. Love it.

Yesterday was a slight gunnie day. We stopped at a shot tower near Austinville, VA. It was built at the end of the 18th Century or thereabouts. It was built on a hill overlooking a river and the molten lead was dropped through the bottom of the tower, then through a hole dug into the hill, and it fell into water diverted from the river. They then collected the resultant shot and sold it. It was built near area lead mines.

Moses Austin, father of Stephen F. Austin, owned a lead mine in the area. On his deathbed, he made his son swear to go to Texas and found a colony. Stephen Austin became one of the fathers of Texas. We like Texas connections here at the Ten Ring since we used to live there.

After that we visited another cave and then stayed at a Holiday Inn in Cookesville, TN. Talk to you later.

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