Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gunnie Fun on Vacation

Bill and I are sitting in our room in the Grand Casino, Tunica, Mississippi. We went to the casino where I promptly lost about forty dollars, but Bill won about $60.00 on slots. Now, if we can just stay away from the tables and machines, we'll be about even.

Our big gunnie fun was at the Willows Sporting Clays course, part of the Grand Casino complex. Now, talk about fun. The course is well laid out with many challenging target presentations. We shot ground clays (rabbits) coming from two different directions, springing teal clays jumping almost straight up, and more.

The course provided shotguns and ammo (for a price), a golf cart, and a very knowledgeable trapper named Dale. He ran the clays for us, gave us pointers, and let us see birds from each house so we could plan our shots.

With gun rents, ammo, trap operator tip, and two courses of 50 birds, we spent a little less than $100.00 for BOTH of us. If you're ever down Tunica way, be sure to stop in and run a course of clays. It will keep you away from the tables, but that's a good thing.

One other observation, how come the fancier the hotel, the fewer free services they offer? We have found two hotels with computers guests can use for free. Now I'm typing on this little keyboard propped up on a suitcase and its communicating with the TV. All this for $9.99 and its BLURRY. What's up with that?

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