Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Support BAG Day

I have a real dilemma. I don’t know what I want for BAG (Buy a Gun) Day on April 15. I feel like a kid sitting on Santa Claus’s lap days before Christmas crying out, “ I don’t know what I want for Christmas.” What’s a girl to do?

Other people already have a handle on their BAG Day purchases. Jay G has several guns on his list. Smallest Minority already bought his. They have it together. I don’t.

For those new to BAG Day, here’s a post from a year ago that explains it. I supported the idea last year and support it now. It’s simple, the more people who own guns, the less likely it is that people will vote our gun rights out of existence.
Springfield Armory's "Organ of Guns"

I’m not talking about people who want to control our lives although they exist. I’m talking about those folks who don’t understand that a gun is a tool demonized by would-be gun banners. Guns have no moral compass. They are nothing more than a simple machine used by bad guys or good guys. They have many purposes beyond self-defense or offense. You can use guns for target shooting, hunting, and they ward off tyranny.

Yes, ward off tyranny. When we gunnies say such things, gun banners like to point out the absurdity of a group of ordinary citizens defeating a US military turned into a tyrant’s tool. But they are being disingenuous. Armed Americans couldn’t defeat any military in straight up battles, but they could become “insurgents.” Any dictator from the right or left realizes that taking on an armed American people would only result in years of turmoil and strife.

Dictators hate turmoil. It can cause their army to stop supporting the state and throw its lot in with the people. When that happens a tyrant is through. He ends up a suicide, on the wrong end of a firing squad, or living in exile (France seems like a popular spot). An armed populace is thus a deterrent for any tinhorn who wants to become a dictator.

It troubles me that so many “progressives” have a mixed message when it comes to guns and freedom. They say they fear a police state, but still support gun control schemes. The result of this paradox is a country in which only criminals and a possibly politicized police force own guns. I wouldn’t want to live in a country like that.

To sum up, guns in the hands of honest people are not a problem, but there are those who make them a problem. They want total bans and will patiently work to ban them one small step at a time.

I can imagine what would happen after a total ban on guns. Smugglers would soon bring them in from other countries. Thieves would steal them from police and military arsenals (particularly thieves who are employed in those arsenals). Entrepreneurs would buy machine tools and make new guns. I know I’m right, because this happened in England where all handguns are banned.

So that’s why I support BAG Day as an opportunity for good men and women to go out and buy a gun. Tax refunds are good for something aren't they? Let’s increase America’s true arsenal—the guns held by the American people. Now I have to decide what to buy. I have no idea unless a gun “speaks” to me before April 15. Any ideas (and I need to watch my pennies right now)?

(NOTE: Sorry about not posting for a couple of days. Work gets in the way of fun and blogging all the time.)

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