Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lying Liars

This is probably not news anymore thanks to Internet speed (closely related to "ludicrous speed" from the movie Spaceballs). The City of New Orleans is facing a lawsuit dealing with their illegal confiscation of law-abiding people's firearms after Hurricane Katrina. City lawyers said they don't have a big room full of guns they confiscated from its citizens.

Well, someone finally spilled the beans and city lawyers had to give a tour of a big room full of guns they confiscated from its citizens. Alphecca has clipped the news story.

Why do anti-gunnies have to lie (i.e., "there's no room full of guns")? They say they believe that they're in the right, but they lie. Of course, they have to lie because truth and logic are not on their side. Lies are all they have. I've noticed that gun control groups are the worst liars followed closely by police and district attorneys. This time they got caught in the lie.

Maybe Patricia Konie will finally get her gun back. Maybe she'll end up owning what's left of the City of New Orleans. Maybe someone could finally lock up those cops who abused her rights so terribly--if they could be extradited from California.

Maybe justice will be done and those who would steal the rightful property of lawful gun owners will get their just deserts. Here's hoping.

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